4 teachers return to class after 'weavegate' scandal

Four teachers at the center of a so-called “weavegate scandal” in Newburgh are now back on the job. 
Sources say the teachers returned to work at Newburgh Free Academy earlier this month after they were suspended with pay since last June for their remarks made in this Facebook post.
The teachers were accused of making racially insensitive comments and jokes about an African-American student’s hair extension, found on the floor last spring, referring to it as a “snake.” 
A parent at this week’s board meeting spoke out about the decision and was upset. 
“This is appalling," said the parent. "You are allowing these teachers to come back into the same system where these children are. What message does that send to our children?”
Newburgh district spokesperson Cassie Skarlz vaguely responded to News 12’s inquiry about the teachers returning to class.
“The Board voted to implement discipline prescribed by state appointed hearing officers with respect to two teachers who were subject to disciplinary action commenced in June 2022,” said Skarlz.