2 White Plains USPS employees test positive for coronavirus

Two employees at a United States Postal Service facility in White Plains have tested positive for coronavirus.
One of the employees is in the hospital, while the other is recovering at home.
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Many employees within the facility say they are concerned for their health and safety and are not looking forward to returning.
"People have families to go home to," says USPS maintenance mechanic Harold Brown "We have kids. We have elderly people that we're around, young people and it's not right."
The United States Postal Service recently issued a statement that said the health and well-being of employees is one of their highest priorities. They say they are monitoring the situation and following recommended strategies from government health agencies.
The USPS for the Northeast region hired a contract cleaner, but employees say there is a shortage of cleaning products.
For those on the receiving end of mail, USPS also says that a number of government health agencies and officials confirm that there is currently no evidence that coronavirus can spread through mail.
In the case of emergencies, USPS says continued operation plans are in place to help ensure that the nation's postal system continues to function for the American people.