Youth lacrosse teams play tournament at Ossining jail

Four youth lacrosse teams gathered at the Sing-Sing Correctional facility in Ossining Saturday for a tournament in honor of deployed troops.
Lt. John McMorrow, a military veteran and the current daywatch commander at the prison, says his American Legion Post 1123 troop - made up of more than 70 correctional officers - decided to add a lacrosse tournament to their annual drive to collect care packages for deployed veterans.
"Javier Cabana, who is the commander - his son is actually deployed right now in Afghanistan," McMorrow says. "His son used to play lacrosse so we decided it would be a great idea to bring lacrosse into the equation."
McMorrow says the care packages may be small, but they send a big message.
"There is nothing better when you are overseas and get a package from a family member or a friend that makes you feel like you are back at home sort of," he says.
Lacrosse parents say the event helps teach kids about the sacrifice military personnel make.