Young game developer from Westchester launches new video game

"Athenian Rhapsody" launched Tuesday on all gaming platforms.

Nikita Ramos

May 15, 2024, 1:52 AM

Updated 5 days ago


It was launch day for a new video game by a young game developer from Westchester on Tuesday.
Nico Paplia says he's loved playing video games since childhood.
That love turned into a passion during the pandemic.
It's when he started to create "Athenian Rhapsody," a role-playing game in an imaginary world.
Players are offered many choices that lead to unique outcomes.
It's been four years in the making through trial and error, studies, and now success.
"It's basically been a steady climb since then, mostly through the use of social media and just putting myself out there and really putting the time into studying and learning how to make a good game," Paplia said.
For the younger generation looking to pursue similar dreams, he says, "Don't be afraid to get into it and grind and really try and fail a little bit and learn, all the information is out there."
"Athenian Rhapsody" launched Tuesday on all gaming platforms.
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