“You don't have 6th-graders going to off-campus parties.” Professor says colleges different than K-12

Local universities are already running into problems as they try to contain the spread of COVID-19 and with that comes some concern about what will happen as K-12 kids return to school.
A professor at Pace University's School of Education says parents should not compare primary education with higher learning.
"I think it's always important to have a plan for a worst case scenario, but we also have to be mindful, colleges and universities are very different from K-12. There is a different administration in a K-12 environment. You don't have 6-graders going to [an] off campus party on Saturday, for the most part," says Dr. Jennifer Pankowski, of Pace University’s School of Education.
Dr. Pankowski stresses the importance of communicating with your school district to find out what resources are available for you and your child.