Yorktown residents push for more maintenance of state-owned roads

Residents are calling for damaged roads in northern Westchester to be fixed before the weather gets worse.
Yorktown Town Supervisor Matt Slater says there is only so much the town can do.
"These are state roads and so the state has a responsibility to maintaining them, to paving them, to filling the potholes,” he says.
Slater gave credit to the New York state Department of Transportation, which is currently tending to Route 132.
Brian Wolfson, who lives on Route 132, says he’s content with the roads for now, but things will get harder in the winter.
"This is a great Band-Aid...but once the snow season comes and the plow comes, that Band-Aid is going to be gone too,” Wolfson says.
The Department of Transportation told News 12, "The safety and convenience of the traveling public are always top priorities for the New York State Department of Transportation and we continually monitor pavement conditions on our roadways and conduct maintenance as needed."