Yonkers tenants say they haven’t had gas for cooking for over 5 months

Tenants of a Yonkers apartment building say they haven’t had gas for cooking for more than five months.
Deana Smith says she's been using a portable electric stove for cooking since the gas was cut off from her Bronx River Road apartment building in Yonkers on June 20.
“They said Con Edison had seen there was a leak in one of the pipes, the gas line, so they had to shut it off. Since then we have had no gas whatsoever,” she says.
Neither have dozens of other families who live in the more than 40 units in her building, and roughly the same amount in an adjoining building.

News 12 reached out to Benchmark, the property's management company, which said it has done everything it could to get the gas back on quickly, including spending thousands of dollars to dig a trench to find out where the leaky pipe was.
It blames Con Edison for the delay, saying the utility is not doing its job.
News 12 was told a new pipe was finally put in last week, but it's not yet connected to the buildings.

A Con Edison spokesman tell News 12 they are waiting for the building to finish doing some work on their end before they can turn the gas back on.