Yonkers schools Dominican culture celebration provides chance to speak with kids about serious issues

People in Yonkers celebrated Dominican culture Friday night at an event hosted by Yonkers Public Schools.
The celebration was an opportunity to talk about serious issues that kids face in the community.
Assistant Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools Lisette Colón-Collins said students prepared for months for the event.
Every year, the district begins with a Hispanic Celebration and every month Colón-Collins said there is something to celebrate in the school community's diverse heritage.
According to the 2020 census, the most common birthplace for foreign-born New York residents is the Dominican Republic.
The night's keynote speaker, Miguelina Germán, is director of Pediatric Behavioral Health Services at Montefiore. She spoke about depression, anxiety, and traumas that can affect kids' well-being along with how to support them.
The event also featured dance performances and music that highlighted the talents of families, students, teachers and administrators.
"We are here with all of the children so talented, showing us how they can come together and celebrate Dominicans, not just the culture, but the music and also the history," Colón-Collins enthused.
The also event featured special guest ballet dancer and choreographer Magister Elizabeth Crooke Morel.
Organizers said they think they will need more room next year because the event was very popular this year.