Yonkers police using technology to deter porch pirates

This holiday season the Yonkers Police Department is using the latest technology to snag porch pirates.
In years past, the department has run a Porch Pirate Program during the months of November and December that involves planting phony packages outfitted with GPS tracking devices across the city as bait for thieves.
This year, the city is running the program utilizing it's new Aware Room, which is a real-time crime center that is outfitted with large TV screens and the latest technology that can help solve crimes.
Once the package is moved, police are alerted.
Police in the Aware Room can track the movements and access cameras throughout the city to provide police with additional information to locate the suspect with the package.
Police believe the program has acted a deterrent for would-be thieves.
In Novemeber, eight package thefts were reported to the department, the lowest number in a month since 2019.
So far in Decemeber, five package thefts have been reported to police.
Yonkers police offered these tips to help prevent package thefts this holiday season.
Track your package and plan to be home when you expect a delivery
  • Quickly retrieve packages as the arrive
  • Consider buying a porch lockbox
  • Require a signature upon delivery
  • Utilize secure locations for deliveries like Amazon lockers