Yonkers councilwoman seeks to create board to help Section 8 tenants voice concerns

Yonkers Councilwoman Tasha Diaz is working to create a Tenant Association Board to give tenants a place to voice their concerns about their buildings.
This comes as tenants in a Section 8 complex on Highland Avenue have had to deal with having no heat and a host of other problems.
"When I say deplorable conditions, I'm saying mold, I'm saying rodent infestation, I'm saying heat problems," says Diaz.
Doris Miranda-Pemberton has lived in the Higland Avenue building for 41 years and says the heat has been an issue for a decade.
"For many years, we've been asking for insulation in the walls, and I feel abused as a senior," says Miranda-Pemberton.
News 12 reached out to the landlord Israel Ross who says, "We already took care of the problem and I don't want to have an argument."
The Yonkers City Council is expected to vote on the Tenant Association Board next Tuesday.