Yo Digo No Mas nonprofit hosts panel discussion about child sex abuse

Organizers say the goal is to break the silence about the issue.

Jade Nash

Apr 13, 2024, 3:53 PM

Updated 41 days ago


Yo Digo No Mas, a nonprofit organization, brought a panel discussion about child sexual abuse awareness to Westchester Community College.
The organization is dedicated to fighting child sex abuse, a horror that founder Maria Trussa has experienced herself.
"I was sexually abused at the age of 9,” Trusa said. "Unfortunately, it was my father who gave me to a friend."
Years later, Trusa said she is still on a healing journey. To help others try to do the same, her organization hosted a panel discussion at the school to raise awareness about the topic.
"My story is the story of millions of children, and we need to find the urgency that exists on this movement to break the chains of sexual abuse of our children," Trusa said.
Saturday's event was the first time that her organization hosted their panel discussion in Westchester. Guests attended workshops, learned about resources and listened to the emotional stories of brave survivors.
Julissa Ojeda, 17, was one of the first speakers at the event. She said she opened up about her abuse because "there's a lot of kids that are scared to speak up and I know I was definitely one of them."
Ojeda's father, Jonathan, also is victim of child sex abuse and spoke up at the panel, too.
"I think that it's rare to find a father-daughter pair to really talk about their experiences," Jonathan said.
He told News 12 that he and his daughter are now committed to fighting this kind of abuse.
"The moment that my daughter did finally bring it up, it just brought back everything, all over again, from my childhood and knew from there I had to fight for her, the way no one fought for me," Jonathan said.
The organization is hosting their third annual Walk Against Sexual Abuse of our Children on April 27 in Yonkers.

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