Yankees president to pay 1 year’s rent to family who lost dad, home in plane crash

The family who lost it all after a plane crashed into their home in Dutchess County got a gift from the New York Yankees. 
A small aircraft that had engine trouble crashed into the Bocker family's Union Vale house on Aug. 17.  It completely destroyed the home they had lived in for 23 years. Wil Bocker, the sole son of the family, told News 12 from his home in California that his sisters made it out alive, but his father, Gerard, did not. 
Wil Bocker says since the tragic day, there has been an outpouring of love and support from the community. 

Online donations have climbed over $100,000, with one of the most generous rolling in Thursday. Randy Levine, the president of the Yankees, along with his wife Mindy, offered to pay for a year's rent so the Bockers have a place to live until their home is rebuilt. 
"I personally spoke with Mindy Levine this morning regarding everything and she is being incredibly humble by how willing they were to do such a wonderful thing for myself and my family,” says Bocker. 

Bocker says the Levines and his family are trying to find a place close to his sister Hannah, who will be in the hospital for a very long time. She had her sixth surgery Thursday. 

"She is burned on 90% of her body. During these surgeries, they're addressing her injuries regarding the fire and the explosion,” says Bocker.
Bocker says she has been very strong.
He says their top priority right now is rebuilding their home so they have a permanent place to live, so a great portion they receive will go toward that. Bocker says the rest will be used to pay any bills they may be faced with.