World Health Organization: Feeling 'burnout' is a medical condition

The result of working too hard is now being officially recognized as a medical condition.
The World Health Organization recognizes "burnout" as an occupational-related condition "resulting from chronic workplace stress that had not been successfully managed."
Doctors can issue a diagnosis of burnout if a patient feels depleted of energy or exhausted, experiencing mental distance or cynicism about their work and have problems getting their job done successfully.
Dr. Liane Nelson with Westchester Jewish Community Services in Hartsdale say many Americans find it hard to separate work and personal life.
"We tend not to take as much vacation time as we are allowed too, we have difficulty taking sick time even when we are legitimately sick," says Nelson.
A viewer who News 12's Nadia Galindo spoke to says he thinks American workers should follow a model used overseas.
"I think we need a siesta like they do in Europe," says James Hassell, of Yonkers. "A two-hour lunch I think it would fix everything."