Workshops, panels highlight 3rd annual Westchester Women's Summit in White Plains

Hundreds of women packed into the Sonesta hotel in White Plains Friday for the third annual Westchester Women's Summit.
"We've had a really great day to inspire, empower and elevate women. Just really an opportunity for us to be together and to support each other," said event organizer Rose Cappa Rotunno.
"It's absolutely incredible, the energy is tangible," said speaker Robyn Schlesinger.
"Women kind of needed a space to gather and support each other and learn more than just business practices or ways to be healthier, kind of putting all those needs in one place," Cappa Rotunno explained.
The event was a full day, packed with workshops and panels where attendees learned everything from self-defense, the art of public speaking, anxiety 101 and much more.
"What can we do to empower women? What can we do to help each other?" Schlesinger said, who hosted a panel on the importance of allyship. "The feeling was more like a discussion, I mean, there were great ideas being thrown around. People were anxious to know what they can do to help."
"It's very important for women to support each other. We don't support each other as much as we should and I think we need to stay together because when one woman does good, she can make the next person do good," said participant Azline Suber.