Woodmere residents upset over housing development project

Some Woodmere residents say they're upset over a plan to build a subdivision in their community.
They say they were caught off guard by the development.
The plan calls to build a subdivision on a piece of land and two others around the perimeter of Lawrence Woodmere Academy, which was sold by the academy.
Many people in the community say they didn't even know about the hearing with the planning commission that happened Thursday morning until the day before.
While they're angry about the late notice, they also said the 17 new homes that will be developed will not only take away some precious green space but also bring in an influx of traffic to the neighborhood.
Linda's Spiegel, who lives just across the street from where the development is set to take place, said there's another big problem with the space.
"If you can see over there on the field, there's a mound of dirt, and that mound of dirt came from what they dug up, which is supposedly toxic soil, and it's supposedly going to be removed, but it's not anyway secured there. There are tarps that are all out in the open, and if you can look further on the field, there's a camp in progress here," Spiegel pointed out.
Spiegel said her husband spoke to the developer who said they will move the mounds of dirt to a location in Pennsylvania.
An attorney for the developer told News 12 Long Island via a statement, "My clients are developing the property as zoning permits. There is no special approval needed. The property can yield 17 legal-sized building lots. We are building what is allowed."
Meantime, residents said their next course of action is to appeal the development and they will look for an attorney to represent them.