Woman found dead with stab wound on sidewalk beneath box spring in Newburgh, neighbors say

Sources tell News 12 the woman was found partially unclothed with bruises on her stomach, beneath a mattress box spring.

Blaise Gomez

Mar 13, 2023, 9:56 AM

Updated 403 days ago


A woman was found dead under a mattress box spring in the city of Newburgh this weekend. 
Neighbors say the woman’s lifeless body was hidden for days in plain sight and found Sunday.
"When you were walking, you would’ve never noticed her. You had to lift the box spring up to see her," said Taylor Bradford.
Neighbors alerted News 12 to the police investigation on Benkard Avenue, in an area they say is a known drug hot spot. 
“Her hands were like that," Bradford said while gesturing upward. "She had a stab wound to the stomach and multiple bruises on her.” 
Bradford was at the scene while police were investigating and says she saw the body partially unclothed with what appeared to be a bag over her head and several injuries. 
She says the woman was new to the area and may have been from Utica. 
“I just want justice for this girl, because there’s too many deaths out here with all this," said Bradford. “This could be somebody’s mother, daughter, a sister, a friend. It’s not right how this girl ended up.” 
She says the woman was white and had French tips on her nails. 
News 12 reached out to police in Utica to see if they’re investigating the disappearance of a woman who matches that description but hasn’t heard back. 
News 12 also spoke to Domingo Ramos with Hope Alive 845, who said he’s worried the woman could be one of the missing people his group is looking for. 
"We have three females that are missing right now," said Ramos. "The first thing that comes to mind is could it be one of ours - Heather Callas or Melissa Johnson?"
City of Newburgh officials confirm a woman was found dead but haven’t revealed her identity or said if foul play was involved.

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