Woman claims elevator at The Galleria at White Plains has been out of service for a year

A woman says the elevators in The Galleria at White Plains have not been working for some time and that the mall has not done anything to fix it.
Cristiane Bertone brings students with special needs to the mall for weekly trips and says it is a nightmare. She says the center elevator broke a year ago and the one in Sears broke three weeks ago.
Bertone claims the only functioning elevators are in department stores, which don't go to every floor.
Bennett Gershman, a law professor at Pace University, says the Americans with Disabilities Act requires buildings like The Galleria to be accessible.
After filing a complaint Friday, Bertone says the Sears elevator has been repaired, but the most accessible elevator near the center of the mall is still broken.
A Galleria representative explains in part, "The center has been working on a plan for repairs to the Center Court elevator with our elevator service company and the City of White Plains but with a project of this magnitude, repairs have been taking longer than anticipated."