White supremacist flyers torn down in Croton-on-Hudson

Residents in Croton-on-Hudson are outraged Wednesday after flyers from a white supremacist group were found plastered on utility poles near schools.
Recruitment flyers from the white supremacy group Identity Evropa were hung on utility poles outside Croton Harmon High School, the middle school and in the village.
The leader of the white supremacist group Identity Evropa tells News 12 that any flyers found near secondary schools are coincidental rather than intentional. 
School officials sent an email denouncing the signs and said they contacted police but law enforcement officials said they couldn't remove the signs on advice of legal counsel.
That prompted angry residents to take action and start removing the flyers themselves and replacing them with signs that say "Love...Croton has no room for hate."  "We are the posters that we have right now. We love each other and this place has no room for hate," says Franquin Leon, of Croton.
“The fact that these posters were being put up just you could tell it hurt the whole community,” says Juliet Wise. “It wasn't just a few people. It was the whole village that was affected.”
This is not the first time that flyers from Identity Evropa have surfaced in Westchester. Last year, flyers were found at Westchester Community College and Purchase College.