White Plains residents make petition against 5G antennas near homes, schools

Many residents are concerned about 5G cell antennas planned to pop up on utility poles across White Plains.
The city approved the installations of 5G cell antennas in the downtown business area in March.
While the telecom industry assures that the technology is safe, an online petition was created, demanding that the city zoning code be amended to limit the installations near homes and schools.
"There are thousands of studies showing that microwave radiation causes everything from cancer, neurological problems, ADHD, infertility, heart tumors," says Ruth Moss, the director of 5G Alert Westchester. "It's out there and it's being ignored."
White Plains resident Erin McHale says she can understand all sides of the issue.
"I think with the 5G towers, people are concerned about radiation. Others may be happy because of better cell service," she says. "But some could care less about either. They care about property value."
Moss says she hopes to meet with the mayor and common council for further discussions.
She says, "How can it be legal to expose an entire population to a known carcinogen, that's in the same category as lead and diesel? Would we allow lead in our water?"
News 12 reached out to the mayor's office for a response but hasn't heard back yet.