White Plains installs solar energy project expected to power more than 700 homes per year

White Plains is putting the summertime heat to good use by installing the city's largest solar energy project.
The project has nine variations of solar panels ranging from canopies to rooftops to ground-mount installations over several locations.
The amount of expected energy will be enough to power more than 700 homes each year - tripling the amount of solar energy in Westchester County.
"Individuals who may be interested in supporting renewable energy can directly support by subscribing as part of community solar, secondly we incorporate storage to ensure we’re getting full value of the assets we’re putting in place, finally, we have the canopies above us, which are also supporting the operations of maintenance of other services the city is providing reducing the need for snow removal," says Sarah Salati, executive vice president of New York Power Authority.
Mayor Thomas Roach also stated how Westchester County has had more solar installations in the last nine months than in the prior nine years.