‘It's like a third world country’: White Plains residents without power for 8 days

There are at least 10 families on Baylor Circle in White Plains without power since Tropical Storm Isaias.

News 12 Staff

Aug 12, 2020, 10:24 AM

Updated 1,383 days ago


The number of outages continues to drop but there are still many Hudson Valley residents who have been without power for more than a week.
There are at least 10 families on Baylor Circle in White Plains without power since Tropical Storm Isaias. 
Residents say a majority of the damage left by the storm is still evident, from downed wires to hanging utility poles.
The storm blew a transformer and since then, it has been hanging and leaking onto the street.
Con Edison has blocked off the area with caution tape, but residents say that is not enough.
Neighbors say the damage is marked or roped off with caution tape but after a week they want it gone.
Residents tell News 12 some people live with medical conditions, and not having power in sweltering conditions is making it worse. Many have had no choice but to move in with relatives who have power because the hot, humid weather has made conditions unbearable and dangerous. "In the house it's like 85 to 88 degrees and dark walking around, it's like a third world country we're living in, in this particular one week period," says Sandy Camras, of White Plains.
"Eight days without power and it's very bad, everybody complained, a few people are very sick on this block, we can't live this way anymore," says Tony Casale, of White Plains.
News 12 reached out to Con Edison, who said it is currently working on the neighborhood. Officials say the neighborhood will be getting their power back today, but residents say the date for restoration has been pushed back several times so it's hard for them to believe anything at this point. 
Crews from Con Edison showed up this morning and they are hopeful to have the power back in the neighborhood before the day is out. One neighbor, who didn't want to be on camera, was in tears when the trucks pulled up this morning because they were so happy.
Here are the outages as of 9:30 p.m.
Con Edison
Westchester: 416
Westchester: 1
Orange and Rockland
Rockland: 14                                                              
Orange: 10                                                                                 
Central Hudson                                                                                       
Dutchess: 52
Putnam: 21
Ulster: 3

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