What's Hot: Tiny police car puts the little in Little Rock

A police car in Little Rock, Arkansas has become the talk of the town.
Measuring just 8 feet long, 5.3 feet high and four feet wide, the tiny police car is becoming a viral sensation. The car isn't big and it also isn't very fast, topping out around 25 mph.
But Little Rock Police Officer Brian Omundson says there is a purpose for it, saying the car allows more maneuverability throughout small spaces where regular cars can't get through. "It actually help us navigate Riverfront Park and get along these small sidewalks and other areas we have lots of heavy foot traffic."
In addition to getting around easier, the car is also better for the environment -- since it is a 100% electric vehicle.
Officer Omundson says the car's non-threatening appearance could also be a good thing. "So what's the best part about riding around in one of these things? The icebreaker it gets, it lets me interact with the citizens…they come on down, we'll take a picture with it, show them if they want. They're more than welcome to talk to us."