Westchester women raise money to invest in struggling businesses

Two Westchester women are doing what they can to help local businesses in White Plains.
Aubrey Graf-Daniels and Melissa Tomlin say they pooled their resources together to raise thousands of dollars in donations to invest in struggling businesses.
They started with Cantina Taco and Tequila Bar.
"We're running on a skeleton crew right now and the more business we can obtain, the more I can keep adding staff and keep people employed,” says John Solo, co-owner of Cantina Taco and Tequila Bar.
The women are also helping health care workers. A total of 107 meals prepared by Cantina Taco and Tequila Bar are being packed up and delivered to White Plains Hospital Burke Rehabilitation Hospital ambulance workers.
They hope to hire a different restaurant every week and deliver meals to other emergency workers as well.
 PHOTO: White Plains Hospital staff receive a delivery
"These are customers, loyal customers. It's always my job to be hospitable to them and now to get the actual reaction back. It's a win-win situation for everyone,” says Solo.
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