Westchester summer camp closed temporarily due to COVID outbreak

A Westchester County summer camp had to shut down for a few days due to an outbreak of COVID-19.
Westchester County Parks says it is shutting down the camp until at least Tuesday.
In a note to families this week, the camp said that there were several COVID-19 cases "among counselors and participants."
Dr. Sherita Amler, the Westchester County health commissioner, says it's a good, safe call.
"It's smart. If you know you have a cluster in your facility, that you start taking measures again to protect everyone else who was there. It sounds like they're being wise and prudent in what they're asking of people," says Amler. 
Dr. Amler says even though younger people are at less risk, the department's decision to shut down the camp might prevent a COVID case in a more vulnerable person, like a camper's grandparents.
She says one of the biggest challenges for programs like summer camps is that many people are tired of dealing with COVID-19 and less willing to wear masks and social distance.
She still advises everyone to consider the risk factors among older or immunocompromised individuals.
When kids return to camp next week, they'll be required to show proof of vaccination, or agree to regular testing if they aren't vaccinated.