Westchester residents march to mark 1-year anniversary of police-involved shooting that killed Jarrel Garris

News 12's Jade Nash provides the latest details from St. Catherine AME Zion Church.

News 12 Staff

Jul 4, 2024, 12:13 AM

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Family, friends mark 1-year anniversary of police-involved shooting that killed Jarrel Garris .
People in Westchester gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of a police-involved shooting that killed a New Rochelle man.
Friends and family members of Jarrel Garris said July 3 is a tough day for them.
This time last year, he was shot by a New Rochelle police detective following a complaint that was made by a local store about a reported food theft.
According to information from the Attorney General's Office, Garris was taken to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries.
Garris's mom, Janet, shared how she's doing one year later without her son.
"I'm doing OK," Janet said. "He's with me. He's still here."
A spokesperson from the Attorney General's Office said the investigation is still ongoing, but Garris's family said the delay is causing them an incredible amount of pain.
They, along with members of the community and their attorney, William Wagstaff, gathered at St. Catherine AME Zion Church in New Rochelle on Wednesday for a vigil where they called for the detective to be charged for his actions.
Garris's dad, Raymond Fowler, specifically said enough is enough.
"Every time you turn around, individuals of our origin is [sic] getting gunned down by a police officer," Fowler said.
After the vigil, the group continued to make their demands heard by marching to the New Rochelle Police Department.
A captain from New Rochelle's Police Department provided an update about the three officers involved in the incident that resulted in Garris's death, saying one officer is out injured and the other two are working.
Leah Nelson, a supporter who attended the rally on behalf of Westchester Coalition for Police Reform, said she and several others are demanding that the department reform their policing.
"We are calling for transparency in what actually happened and accountability for the police officer who murdered this man," Nelson said.
Several at the rally said they won't stop until they get "Justice for Jarrel."

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