Westchester County police crack down on dangerous and 'obnoxious driving'

Have you noticed more reckless driving on the roads recently?
Many of us have seen it already -- drivers cutting others off, racing and making the roads more dangerous than they already are. Westchester County police have also taken notice, and call these drivers "obnoxious."
That’s why authorities are cracking down on certain traffic violations to stop others from doing the same. This also includes having loud modified exhaust pipes, driving on the shoulder of the road to pass traffic, and crossing over hazard markings to merge off exits late.
Police say they catch the most drivers breaking these laws on the Hutchison River Parkway South at the Thruway, the Saw Mill Rover Parkway, and the Cross County Parkway at Yonkers Avenue.
In fact, our News 12 crews checked out one of those hot spots at Yonkers Avenue. Immediately, a motorcyclist makes a late merge over the hazard lines and drives past traffic on the shoulder.
Between mid-July and Labor Day last month, Westchester police gave out nearly 350 tickets for these violations -- far more than any previous year for that same period.
Authorities say they will continue aggressively enforcing these driving rules going forward because they want to keep the roads safe for everyone.