Westchester Board of Elections makes push to hire about 5,000 poll workers for general election

The Westchester County Board of Elections is looking to hire thousands of people to help at the polls come Election Day.
The push to hire more staff for the hundreds of polling places comes after the June primary when many polling inspectors stayed home due to fears of COVID-19.
As a result, there were only 62 polling places, creating long lines for anyone trying to cast a vote.
"Without poll workers, you can't have a polling site," says Reggie Lafayette, the Democratic chairman of the Board of Elections.
To avoid that from happening again, the Board of Elections has sent out a half-million post cards to recruit about 5,000 inspectors.
So far, about 3,000 poll workers have been hired. 
"The people of Westchester who work at the poll are very responsible people," says Lafayette. "They want to participate in the process, they want to make a difference." 
Anyone wanting to work as a poll inspector can call the Board of Elections at 914-995-5700. You must be a registered voter and the pay is $350 for the day.