Westchester-based IBM says NY's vaccine passport app puts you in control of your medical info

New York has become the first state in the U.S. to launch a vaccine passport app, getting help from Westchester-based IBM.
Starting this Friday New Yorkers will be able to pull out an app on their phone to prove they've been vaccinated or if they've recently tested negative for COVID-19.
New York state is launching the Excelsior Pass – a digital vaccine passport built on blockchain technology by Westchester-based IBM.
Officials at IBM say you are in control of your own medical information.
"We are enabling you to keep your health data trusted and secured with you and your permission you can share it to validate I'm negative or I've been vaccinated," says Jason Kelley, IBM general manager strategic partnerships.
Once you download the app on your phone, you fill out your personal information. That data is cross-checked with the state's vaccine registry and you'll be given QR code that you can use to get into venues and for travel.
Madison Square Garden is expected to begin using the technology this week.
Other venues are expected to follow once smaller arts, entertainment and event venues are eligible on April 2.
IBM says if you don't have a smartphone, there will be a way for you to print out a QR code to present as proof.