'We haven't really seen much of an increase.' Parents still struggling to find baby formula

While Stew Leonard's in Yonkers recently received shipments of baby formula, parents in Westchester and the Hudson Valley say the shortage is far from over.
"A lot of the same – if anything I think it's gotten harder," says Lauren Capuano. "We haven't really seen much of an increase in supply at this point."
Capuano says she has had to switch from liquid to power formula.
Alise Curran, who is also a mother, says she is still seeing empty shelves.
"And there were barely any on the shelf in two CVS' but at other stores there have been more of that," says Curran.
Curran co-founded a Facebook group called Westchester Formula Finders to help parents.
"It absolutely does take a village, there are community resources out there, there are people willing to step up and help each other."
Both Capuano and Curran say they use Enfamil Neuropro, which they say has been tough to find.