Warner Bros. scrubbing love-struck skunk Pepe Le Pew from future projects

Another well-known character of your youth is apparently headed for the history books.
Pepe Le Pew, the love-struck and relentless skunk in children's cartoons, is getting scrubbed from future projects by Warner Brothers.
The decision was made one year ago by Warner Brothers and is believed to be due to his aggressive affection, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
That's not all, folks. Disney+ pulled several movies, including "Dumbo" and "Peter Pan" from the kids’ profile section of the app, due to “negative depictions of people.”
Last week, six Dr. Seuss books were pulled from publication for racist images. Eugenia Schatoff, a library director in Rockland County, says all 17 libraries in the county have those Seuss titles checked out.
News 12 asked on Facebook “Is cancel culture going too far?” Many said “yes.”
Rockland Community College Communications Director Jessica Stallone says companies are just adapting appropriately to modern times.
"The social norms are changing,” she says.