Wall Street Journal: Ketchup shortage fueled by takeout demand during pandemic

More takeout over the past year has left the ketchup business trying to catch up to demand.
Restaurants have relied heavily on ketchup packets during the pandemic for takeout orders. Some have even poured bulk ketchup into little cups.
Now, the Wall Street Journal says a shortage of the condiment is affecting small restaurants and some big chains.
Hauppauge mom Laura Marek says when she first read about the ketchup shortage at restaurants across the country in the Wall Street Journal, her first thought was her 10-year-old son Darwin.
"He has a shirt that says, 'I put ketchup on my ketchup' and it's the only condiment he eats so I panicked, more than toilet paper," says Marek.
Greg Jaffe, the manager at Relish in Hauppauge, says despite the shortage for many in his industry Relish has been able to keep it flowing for its customers.
Jaffe says one of the reasons that they've been able to navigate this ketchup shortage is because more people are comfortable coming inside for indoor dining.
The Wall Street Journal says many restaurants across the country are limiting the number of packets they give to diners.
As a result, the price of ketchup is spiking. Prices are up 15% since last January.
As a result, the price of ketchup is spiking. Prices are up 13% since last January.