Volunteers at Don Bosco Community Center assist in Thanksgiving lunch preparation

Volunteers came together to prepare for the third annual Thanksgiving luncheon at Don Bosco Community Center in Port Chester.
The feast, also known as Grandma Pat’s Thanksgiving Lunch, honors Bobby Barad’s mother, Pat, who passed away in 2017.
Barad says his mom was someone who always gave, and each year during the holidays their home served as a refuge for those who didn’t have a place to go.
He and his family are carrying on the tradition by helping Port Chester’s less fortunate. They raised $16,000 this year and are prepared to serve 600 meals.
“This was how she raised us,” says Barad.
The holiday luncheon will be held at Don Bosco Community Center on Thanksgiving Day from 12-1:30 p.m.
Barad says serving the community is the best way to honor his mother’s legacy.