Violent night in Greenwood Lake has residents frustrated with bail reform

A violent incident Monday night in Greenwood Lake has residents there frustrated with bail reform – after their neighbor was released on an appearance ticket for a similar incident last week.
Wayne Revell showed News 12 his injuries Tuesday after he was hit with a glass vase, bottles and rocks that were allegedly hurled by his neighbor, 60-year-old Eckford Frank Degroat.
“One lady here was walking up with her son and he started throwing rocks at them the size of baseballs. I walked out to confront him and he just stared blazing rocks at me. Hit me with a vase," says Revell.
Greenwood Lake police confirm the incident between multiple neighbors Monday night on Scotties Way.
Police say Degroat appears to be suffering from mental illness. They say he refused arrest and barricaded himself inside his house until police could talk him out safely.
The 60-year-old is facing a slew of charges including assault, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.
Police say Degroat was arrested last week, but released because of bail reform. These new charges are bail eligible and Degroat, for now, is in Orange County Jail on $501 bail.
Neighbors say Degroat has threatened to kill them.
Police say if he makes bail, he’ll receive mental health treatment first at Garnet Hospital.
Police say the victims in this case now have restraining orders against their neighbor.