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Village of Mamaroneck swears in first Hispanic woman mayor 

Residents of the Village of Mamaroneck packed into a small room to watch the swearing-in of a new Mayor Sharon Torres.

Emily Drooby

Dec 5, 2023, 3:12 AM

Updated 225 days ago


The Village of Mamaroneck swore in its first Hispanic woman mayor on Monday.
Residents of the Village of Mamaroneck packed into a small room to watch the swearing-in of a new Mayor Sharon Torres.
Torres is the village's first Hispanic mayor. She was a first-time candidate when she beat out three-term Mayor Tom Murphy. It was a tight race, with Torres winning by under 200 votes, according to unofficial returns. 
Mayor Torres told News12 that while she is a lifelong Democrat, she decided to run as an independent because she believes it's important to have support from both sides of the aisle. 
"People are tired of the fighting and the divisiveness, and I think just coming together was really powerful," says Torres.
Resident Josh Lanza was in attendance at her swearing-in ceremony. He identifies as a Republican and says he supports Mayor Torres. 
"I think she will be a breath of fresh air," said Lanza. He added, "She's a great person, I think she is going to be an asset to this community, I have seen what she can do behind the scenes and I think she will be able to bring that forward very clearly."
During the election, Torres was endorsed by the Village of Mamaroneck Democrats. Of the decision, they wrote, "Sharon Torres is a Democratic District Leader who shares our core Democratic values of fairness, justice, and equality along with the importance of transparency in local governance.  She is smart, hardworking, and respectful.  She is committed to moving Mamaroneck forward." 
Mayor Torres said she has big plans for her 100 days. 
"I think we just want to make some changes in transparency, incivility, increasing communication, looking at our huge flood issues, and trying to get a better plan together, at least communicate a better plan. and get people working together, that's really what the first few months will look like," the mayor said.  
Change can be a scary word for some, but not for Nancy C. Wasserman. A resident of Mamaroneck Village since 1961, she is thrilled to see what Mayor Torres does for the close-knit community. 
"I am very impressed with her abilities," said Wasserman. She added, "Her ability to see what is happening here, and offer change, which we need. At least that is my impression." 
On social media, the former mayor called it a pleasure to serve and wished Mayor Torres the best. 

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