Vassar College implements safety, security protocols to protect students, staff returning for fall

College students are heading back to campus for the fall semester, and Vassar College in Dutchess County is doing what it can to protect students and staff.
Vassar says visitors will not be allowed until at least early September, depending on guidance from local officials.
Students will also be tested for COVID-19 and quarantined on campus before classes begin.

Masks will be worn and social distancing will be implemented.
Students will also be asked to stay on campus for the entire semester to protect the outside community.
If students do not comply, Vassar says they will go through a process with a "community care team" and could possibly be asked to study from home.
Other universities and colleges are also rolling out their plans for a safe return.
Marist is also implementing similar ideas. Visitors not connected to the Marist community will not be allowed on campus, and fall 2020 study abroad programs are suspended.