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Vaccine registration set to begin at Yonkers new mass vaccination site

City leaders in both Yonkers and Mount Vernon want to make sure people know how to sign up.

News 12 Staff

Mar 10, 2021, 5:11 PM

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Vaccine registration begins Wednesday morning at Yonkers new mass vaccination site for eligible residents in Yonkers and Mount Vernon who live in certain ZIP codes.
City leaders in both Yonkers and Mount Vernon want to make sure people know how to sign up.
There's no doubt people in downtown Yonkers and Mount Vernon, especially the minority communities, have been hit hard by the pandemic and need the vaccine.
The problem is many people don't have access to internet or aren't computer literate, and may not be fluent in English. Registering for the vaccine will be much more difficult for them, so local offices say they will help.
Only select zip codes in Yonkers and Mount Vernon can get a head start on making an appointment to be vaccinated at the site located at 2 Quincy Place in Yonkers.
There are two ways to register: online at NY.GOV/VACCINE or over the phone at 833-697-4829.
State Assemblyman Nader Sayegh says getting people in these communities registered and vaccinated will be a major task.
"Historically, what we witness...who's making the appointments and getting the first slot. People are very efficient," he says. "Immigrant population, people of color, senior citizens, the disabled ... they really have a difficult time understanding how to make an appointment."
He says anyone can call his office or their local representative for help.
Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard said Tuesday night that if someone doesn't have internet access, the city's Department of Recreation will help make an appointment.
Sayegh says he and other local officials called on members of the governor's team Tuesday to give them two weeks to help people get registered before opening the floodgates to everyone else in Westchester.
"The representatives from the governor's office pledged that they would get back to us right away, but they did acknowledge that it makes sense, it's a reasonable request," says Sayagh.

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