Urologist ranks No. 1 on Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs list

Workplace stress is a prevalent concern, impacting more than half of the nation's employees. Mental Health America's 2023 “Mind the Workplace” report has highlighted the ten most stressful jobs this year.
Among the professions listed are judges, health care workers, including general phone and 911 operators, film and video editors, and retail sales supervisors. Topping the stress score list is the job of a urologist.
Workers in unhealthy work environments reported higher rates of psychological distress that led to mental health concerns.
Last year, 81% of workers reported that workplace stress affects their mental health. That number is up a bit from 2021.
About three-quarters of workers said workplace stress affects their relationships.
1. Urologists
2. Film and video editors
3. Anesthesiologist assistants
4. Judges and magistrates
5. Phone operators
6. Acute care nurses
7. Obstetricians and gynecologists
8. Public safety telecommunicators
9. First-line supervisor of retail sales workers
10. Nurse anesthetists