Turn To Tara: Palisades doctor uses breakthrough medical device to save father

A breakthrough medical device that has the potential to save countless lives across the globe has already saved one life in the Hudson Valley.
The Butterfly IQ, developed by a doctor in Guilford, CT, is the first handheld whole body ultrasound -  and its powered on a smartphone.
Dr. Tro Kalayjian is one of the first doctors in the country to receive one. He calls the device a major game changer in the medical field.
He says the device is like three different ultrasounds in one.
“A doctor with a stethoscope is like a doctor using a landline, a corded phone. A doctor using an ultrasound is like a doctor with a smartphone,” says Kalayjian.
One day after receiving the device, Kalayjian made a miracle rescue inside his Palisades home hours after Christmas.
Kevork Kalayjian, the doctor’s father, was at his son's home to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday when Dr. Kalayjian noticed his weakness. He sprang into action, rushing his dad upstairs to put the Butterfly IQ to immediate use. It turned out that both of his coronary arteries were blocked – 99% in the left artery.
Kevork Kalayjian is now on the mend, and his son is grateful for a pocket-sized device.