Turn To Tara: NY lawmakers to vote this week on law some say discriminates against transgender community

A push to repeal a decades-old law, which many believe discriminates against the transgender community, is taking a step forward on Monday.
The yearslong fight to repeal a long-criticized but little-known law in New York is at the finish line.
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin says she's predicting a decisive, legislative victory ahead of a vote in both chambers of the state Capitol this week to repeal a statute that essentially allows police across the state to arrest someone based on assumptions about how they are dressed and if they stop to talk to someone in public.
Created back in 1976, it's known as the "Walking While Trans Ban" because many critics say it has led to decades of police profiling of an extremely vulnerable population.
Transgender author and activist, Ceyenne Doroshow, had been arrested on that statue and was the focus of a News 12 special report last fall.
The Turn To Tara team analyzed crime data going back a decade and discovered 3,756 New Yorkers, arrested under the law, were mostly transgender women of color.
News 12 will be reporting on Monday's vote.