Turn to Tara: Harrison mom teams up with news anchor against sex abuse

A national movement to empower women in the workplace is gaining steam after a decades-long sexual harassment scandal surrounding Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein.
Lauren Leader-Chivee, a mother from Harrison, says the allegations against the movie mogul disgust her.
"You can't help but wonder how far it goes," she says. "It's not just Hollywood."
A local case inspired her to launch the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative that's now going viral. The campaign is named after the news anchor who filed a landmark lawsuit last year against the late Fox News CEO and Hudson Valley resident Roger Ailes.
Leader-Chivee says she reached out to Carlson, and the two hit it off. Now they plan to take their campaign across the country.
"We're going to nine cities," she says. "We hope to reach 10,000 women in a year."
Funding is coming from money Carlson won in her lawsuit.