Turn off the paved roads and trail blaze some off-road excitement

This week’s Road Trip: Close to Home turns off the paved streets and trail blazes into the outdoors for some off-road excitement.
Northeast Off-Road Adventures in Ellenville has 75 acres of rugged mountainous terrain where you can learn the ins and outs of precision driving!
"We're training them how to enjoy recreating with their vehicles responsibly out in the woods," says founder Scott Trager.
Reserve a spot with the team you can rent a Jeep for the day.
Certified instructors will guide you through tight forest trails - threading through trees and so much more. "We've got rocks. We've got ledges, steep off-camber slopes as well. We have mud pit areas and some extremely steep ledges to try and [go] up and go over too," says Trager.
Maneuver through the many courses, paved especially for your off road adventure. "Just like everything else in life, we're thinking about where we are, where we need to be and that's part of off-roading and technique."
The best part is that any adult can try this. Their specialized outdoor adaptive recreation program is designed for those with mobility impairments to also enjoy the thrills of the outdoors. "Being able to have the freedom, to enjoy the outdoors just like anyone else is just such a great option," says guest Katie Ladie.