TSA screens over 1M travelers per day for 8 consecutive days

The TSA says Thursday was the eighth consecutive day that it screened over 1 million people— a record for travel amid the pandemic.
Travel agent Jamie Mussolini, of Beachfronts Travel, says demand for travel is at its peak. She says Hudson Valley residents have headed off to popular hotspots like Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico in droves, where there are good deals if you know where to look.
"Now that it's been a year, everyone has been so cooped up, they are excited to start planning. I've seen a lot of last-minute travel as well," Mussolini says. "The flights have risen significantly, but the resorts out of the US and the Caribbean are offering pretty good promotions."
Before you pack your bag, Dr. Robert Amler, of New York Medical College, says he has to offer a word of caution.
"The safest thing is to always stay home," he says.
This is also the official recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Dr. Amler says if you must travel, you have to keep in mind that many places are still in the throes of a battle against COVID-19. He says we'd should like all still act accordingly whether at home or an exotic getaway.
"We shouldn't let our guard down quite yet," he says.
Air travel is still down 50% this month compared to last year's numbers.