Trump’s tariff on solar panel parts worries industry leaders

Local leaders in the solar panel industry are raising concerns about the future of clean energy after President Donald Trump signed a bill Monday imposing a tariff on all imported solar panel parts.
The president signed a declaration Monday that puts a 30 percent tariff on all imported solar panel components, most of which come from China. 
While it may sound like good news for American manufacturing, experts say only two U.S.-based manufacturers actually make solar panel parts while thousands of other companies buy and install them.

Rand Manasse says his company, Sunrise Solar Solutions, won't be directly affected by the tariff because they buy high-quality panel parts made in the U.S. Sunrise Solar Solutions is the largest solar panel installer in the Hudson Valley. Manasse says, however, that the cost for solar installers that rely on imported parts will go up.
The tariff will only be in place for several years and will gradually drop to 15 percent, but local experts say the tax will still have a big impact on the solar industry.