'Truly a miracle:' Westchester woman beats COVID-19 after 8 weeks on ventilator

A 72-year-old Westchester woman is leaving Lawrence Hospital after a nearly two-month battle with COVID-19.
Linda Lynch was admitted to the facility on March 21 and spent eight weeks on a ventilator fighting for her life.
Her daughter, Dawn Bradford, says her mother texted her from the hospital.
"I said 'Mom, please don't die, I love you so much,' and she just replied OK," Bradford says.
Bradford says her mother needed a blood transfusion as the virus attacked her lungs and kidneys. She even says that they were asked to sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) but she refused to give up hope.
Eventually Lynch started making eye contact with the nurse and followed commands.
On Mother's Day, Bradford was able to see her mom on FaceTime and says she was "totally with it."
"I would just tell myself that she would be OK and in my heart I felt like she would be OK," Bradford says. "Even though there was always a doubt, I felt like she was going to make it through."
Lynch will be headed to Northern Manor Multicare Center in Nyack to continue therapy.
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