Traditional Fourth of July celebration held at St. Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon

St. Paul’s Church in Mount Vernon celebrated Independence Day with traditions it has held for the last 139 years.
The historic landmark which served as a military field hospital during the American Revolution, is also host to a cemetery dating back to 1704.
"We're at a setting that really recalls the events of 1776, on the day that we're celebrating, people lived in this town, they were gathering around here, they were mulling over the tremendously important decision of independence,” says David Osborn, St. Paul's Church site manager.
For over 150-years, Jack Banning's family has read the Declaration of Independence at the church for every July Fourth. He continued the tradition at the landmark on Sunday.
"My grandpa started it, he did it for 40 years. Then my father started it in '24, and this is my 48th,” Banning says.
The celebration also included music from a live orchestra and the traditional 13 tolls of the historic St. Paul's Church bell.