News 12's Most-Viewed: #10 - Tornado touches down in Rockland County

<p>The National Weather Service has confirmed that at least one tornado&nbsp;touched down in the Hudson Valley during Tuesday's storms.</p>

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Oct 3, 2018, 3:24 PM

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News 12 Digital is highlighting the most-viewed stories of 2018 as part of our 'News 12's Most-Viewed' series. This story on a tornado in Rockland was originally posted on Oct. 3. Original story below.
The National Weather Service has confirmed that at least one tornado touched down in the Hudson Valley during Tuesday's storms.
It says one EF-1 tornado touched down in Harriman State Park, just west of the Palisades Parkway at Gate Hill Road between 4:10 and 4:15 p.m. It traveled about a mile on the ground and ended near Wilderness Drive in Stony Point. The tornado was about 100 yards wide and had winds speeds of over 100 mph.
Officials tell News 12 it then flew through a backyard just feet away from a home on Pierce Drive.
The homeowner says he believes someone is watching over him because things could have been a lot worse.
"If it was a little bit more, it would have split my house in half," says Anthony Furia.
Furia says he was inside with his grandchildren when he saw an alert on his phone about a tornado warning. That's when his 12-year-old granddaughter looked out the window and saw a funnel cloud ripping through the yard.

"My granddaughter says 'Yea papa, it was outside swirling around, something's wrong' and then phew," says Furia.

The strong winds uprooted massive trees, destroyed a deck and sent a trampoline flying into a neighbor’s yard.
Officials say the tornado began in Harriman State Park and ended near Wilderness Drive.
It left a trail of destruction along Pierce Drive and Gate Hill Road in Stony Point.

"Particularly in this area we see a number of downed trees, shingles missing from roofs, aluminum siding torn away from the homes," says Christopher Jensen, of Rockland Fire and Emergency Services.

Crews are now working around the clock clearing the debris.
Officials say no one was hurt during the storm.
Homeowners are now working to clear up all the debris left in their yards. Some residents say they're nervous that some of the trees left standing are leaning and if a big gust of wind comes through, there's a threat they could fall on top of their homes.

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