Today marks busiest holiday air travel day; weather, staffing issues impacting schedules

Weather and staffing are two big issues that could impact your weekend trip if you're flying out for the holiday.
According to AAA, today will be the busiest day for flying during the holiday weekend getaway, but a spate of delays and cancellation at airports have travelers concerned.
Travelers can expect to see almost a record setting number of people traveling this holiday weekend- just about 48 million. However, when it comes to flying, numbers are down.
According to AAA, 7% of travelers are choosing to fly this year. That number is the lowest since 2011, other than during the pandemic.
Part of reason for recent delays and canceled flights are stemming from staffing shortages. During peak travel on Thursday, 1,200 Delta pilots and staff protested at seven airports asking for higher pay including at JFK in New York.
According to CNN, a union representing the Delta pilots says they are on track to work more overtime than 2018 and 2019 combined.
Be sure to check with your airline before you head out the door.