'A lot of salt!' DPW crews clear roads after storm, warn of lingering icy spots

Driving around the Hudson Valley today should generally be smooth, but persistently freezing temperatures may result in occasional icy patches.
"A lot of salt" was the key ingredient deployed by public works crews across the region to prepare roads for this morning's commute. Although Tuesday's winter storm wasn't substantial, it left enough of a mess to keep White Plains DPW crews working tirelessly throughout the day and into the night.
"You had everything—rain, a little bit of snow, and then the hard freeze overnight," says Angelo Finateri, of the White Plains Highway Department.
The major concern was icy roads, which in some ways are more challenging than dealing with snow. The apprehension led many Hudson Valley school districts to implement a delayed start on Wednesday morning. DPW officials say they prioritized salting over plowing, especially focusing on trouble spots.
"We actually had some guys in last night just checking bridges, ramps," says Finateri.
There's no rest for the weary, as the DPW crews are already gearing up for the next storm expected to hit on Friday.
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