This 14-year-old Scarsdale boy began selling his old sneakers -- now he runs a business from his bedroom

A 14-year-old boy from Scarsdale turned his passion into an impressive and lucrative business during the pandemic with no signs of slowing down.
Ben Flicker, a sneaker buff, decided he'd clean up some of his old pairs and try to sell them.
"I took a leap of faith," he said.
When they sold, he took that money to buy hard-to-find kicks. Flicker then created an Instagram and TikTok (@BenKicks06).
"I thought my platform was so small that, like, who would come to me, right?"
But a couple viral posts made his business explode, translating to $100,000 of sneaker sales in a year.
Flicker had never run a business.
"I did not think it would go to the level it is today," he said.
When he's not in school or playing hockey, he's researching the market and what he can charge for shoes.
Flicker recently partnered with Soles4Souls, a nonprofit that gets shoes to people in need, for an annual sneaker drive.