Therapists: Staying home, isolated could trigger mental health issues

The coronavirus pandemic is not just causing financial strain - therapists say staying home and isolated could trigger mental health issues like depression.
They say that this is due to most businesses being closed and people being forced to stay home and even apart from loved ones.
Mental illnesses include depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, addiction or substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.
Warning signs include mood swings, long-lasting irritability, withdrawal and changes in sleep habits.
Ann Schehr, a therapist with Jawonio's PROmiSe Program, tells News 12 that since the virus hit, she's been dealing with an increase in calls from clients as they try to cope with all the stress coming hand-in-hand with the pandemic.
Her advice to combat stress and depression include stay in regular contact with friends and family through phone or video calls, exercise and get outside when you can and enjoy the outdoors.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and its estimated one in five people will experience mental illness in their lifetime.
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